Declutter Before Your Big Move

Find a reliable junk removal service in the Novi & Commerce Township, MI area

Moving means new beginnings. This concept should apply to your belongings as well. If you need help getting rid of junk that you no longer need, we can help.

Alpha Moving Co. offers a junk removal service to help your move go more smoothly. From unused furniture to discarded clothes, we can help you ditch unnecessary or unwanted items.

Arrange for an efficient junk removal service by contacting our team today at 833-228-8755.

Hire us to clean up your construction site

Do you need construction debris removal services? Our team can rid your site of materials and debris left over from your construction project.

No matter how big or small your worksite is, we can tidy up the grounds. Once you're finished building, we'll make sure that your site is clean and free of hazardous materials.

Schedule construction debris removal services in Novi & Commerce Township, MI or surrounding areas. Contact our team today.